How do I pay for my order?

You will have the option to pay via PayNow or cash/card at pick up. The text confirmation that you receive after you've completed the order form will provide details on how to proceed with your payment.

Where can I pick up my order?

Bao Bei Dumpling orders can be picked up at our sister brand Rollie Olie's Star Vista and Asia Square outlets. Please order from the menu according to which outlet you would like to pick up from.

How do I know when my order has been confirmed?

You will receive a text confirmation with pick up details as well as payment details after your order has been processed and confirmed. 

How many dumplings do you recommend per serving?

We would recommend a typical serving of dumplings of anywhere from 8-12 dumplings per person depending on your appetite!

How long can your frozen dumplings keep in the freezer?

Although we suspect you’ll finish them in no time, our dumplings can be kept in the freezer for up to 2 months if properly stored. Just keep them sealed in airtight bags or containers in your freezer at -18 degrees Celsius. But of course, the sooner you consume them, the fresher they’ll be! 

How do I cook my dumplings?

Dumplings can be boiled in water or panfried as potstickers. We have blog posts for steamed/boiled dumplings here and potstickers here. Instructions can be found on our instagram/facebook pages as well

How do I know which dumpling is what flavor?

Our dumplings come in labeled packages so that you know which is which! For keen observers, all of our flavors are also folded slightly differently. Can you spot the differences?

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